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Packing Tips

Thinking of getting away? Here are some quick suggestions for packing:> Don’t take along things that your hotel will provide, such as hairdryers, robes and beach towels. Check before you leave to see what items the hotel offers guests.> Jewelry – don’t take what you don’t want to lose, and leave behind the flashy pieces that could attract thieves. Keep makeup to a minimum to save space, and leave the perfume behind when scented lotions will work just as well.> Pack pants, shorts and skirts in basic colors such as black or khaki. Then mix and match with different tops to create new outfits.

> Pack a travel size stain eraser, lint roller and an anti wrinkle spray. Place fabric softener sheets between your clothes and then use them in the drawers at your destination, so your clothes will smell clean and fresh.

> Place knits, your favorite pillow and other wrinkle resistant garments in a bag with a one-way valve. Seal it and then roll the air out.

> If using a garment bag, place each piece in its own dry cleaner bag. The slippery plastic keeps the clothes from shifting and rubbing together, the primary cause of wrinkles.

> If you’re traveling by air, wear your bulkiest shoes on the airplane. Save space and stuff socks and undergarments in each shoe you pack.> If you’re traveling by air, pack your toiletries in a zip-lock bag so they won’t explode onto your clothes as the air pressure changes.

> If you’re using a guidebook, copy the information you’ll need and leave the book at home.

> Bring along a small first-aid kit with only the basics and a travel-size sewing kit that can fit easily inside that extra pocket in your suitcase.

> Always carry travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler’s checks, keys, glasses and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked luggage.

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