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Prevent Lost Luggage

Prevent Lost Luggage

Across all the airlines, millions of bags go missing annually. Most of the bags were returned to passengers within 48 hours, some never get returned at all. Are you one of those who have lost their luggage?

Here are some steps to help prevent your luggage from getting lost.

> Use a strap ID luggage tag with a cover hiding your name. Use your business address and phone number.

> Place ID information and a travel itinerary inside your luggage. In case your outside ID luggage tag is lost, the airlines can contact you.

> Remove all old airline tags or stickers to avoid confusion with the luggage handlers.

> Check your bags in early. Last minute checked luggage may not make it onto your plane.

> Upon check in, when your bags are ticketed, look at the destination information, be sure it’s correct.

> Use a colorful luggage strap or ribbon on your bag for easy identification at the luggage carrousel.

> Take a photo of your bag and keep a list of all items in each bag, in case you need to claim compensation.

> If you lose a bag, stay at the airport and file a lost luggage report immediately. Keep track of the claim number and contact information so you can check the status of your missing bag/s.