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Traveler Hotel Safety Tips

By using your common sense and taking a few precautions while on the road, you can stay safe.

  • Upon hotel check in, when registering, sign only your first initial and last name.  It is harder to determine gender, marital status or profession.
  • Hold on to your credit card and don’t leave it lying on the check-in counter while you complete your registration.  Check to be sure the credit card that is handed back to you by the hotel clerk is really yours.
  • Get two business cards or matchbooks with the hotel name and address on them. Place one by the phone in the room so you know where you are and keep the other on you when you leave so you know where to come back to. If you get lost or if you are in a country where you don’t speak the language, you can simply show a taxi driver the matchbook, and you’re on your way back to the hotel.

When you enter your room, examine the guest room lock and be sure it is functioning properly.

  • Check to see that any sliding glass doors or windows and any connecting room doors are locked.
  • Locate the nearest exit that may be used in the event of an emergency.
  • Know how to make an outside call with your in-room telephone in case of an emergency.
  • Keep the door to your room locked at all times. If you are inside the room, turn the deadbolt and fasten the security chain.
  • When you leave your hotel room, pull the door completely closed behind you. Make sure the latch has engaged. Try the door and make sure it is closed and locked.
  • Check all windows and doors in your room every time you enter it and leave it to make sure they are closed and locked.

When entering or leaving the hotel after dark, use the main entrance.   Be aware of your surroundings, stay in well-lighted areas.

  • Place all valuable in the safe provided in the room; store keys, wallets, extra cash and credit cards, jewelry, and other small valuable items you are leaving in the room. If no safe is supplied, check with the front desk. They may have locked storage available for your use. Ask if the locked storage is accessible 24 hours. If you have early check out and the locked storage is not available, you’ll be delayed.
  • Don’t leave cash, travelers checks and expensive electronics and jewelry lying around the room.
  • Leave larger expensive or breakable objects at home, if at all possible. If you must bring them, store them in the closet and out of the way of the cleaning crew
  • Keep your room key with you at all times and don’t needlessly display it in public. Should you misplace it, notify the front desk immediately and ask to be moved to another room.
  • Have the key/key card in your hand to avoid fumbling with it in the hallway.
  • If you see loiterers in the hallway near your room, just pass by your door and turn around the corner or pretend you forgot something. Go to the front desk and report the incident.
  • Do not invite strangers to your room for any reason.
  • Do display large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.

If you see any suspicious activity, notify the hotel operator or a staff member.